Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clarification of procedure decision for Visa Waiver: DHL delivery

The DHL delivery service is a function of the DOS in its attempt to improve the wait times in the consulate.

Here is a summary of the procedures:

- Waiver applicant gets a numbered ticket to enter the consular section.

- The applicant is called to a cashier where he pays the $545.00 waiver fee.

- She then is called to another window to submit the waiver to DOS.

- The applicant is then advised to go to the DHL counter and pay 80 pesos for the delivery service. DHL advises the applicant to call a toll free number that will advise the applicant when the decision packet is available to pick up at an outside DHL location.

- The applicant leaves the consulate and calls DHL. The decision packet is normally ready the same day in the afternoon or the next day.

- The applicant goes to the DHL location and picks up the decision.

- If the waiver was approved the packet will contain the waiver approval notice and the immigrant visa. The applicant goes to a POE and is admitted as a LPR.

- If the waiver is referred, the packet contains the referral notice and the applicant’s passport.

All consulate customers must pay the DHL and it is the same fee for everyone.

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