Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AAO Hardship Victory - Mexico

AAO Hardship Victory
"When considered in the aggregate, the factors of hardship to the applicant's wife should she remain in the United States constitute extreme hardship. The applicant's wife was suffering from depression and was prescribed medication for the condition, and decided to relocate to Mexico because of the emotional hardship she was experiencing. Her decision to relocate was made despite the need to leave her job and family in the United States, and she has remained in Mexico despite financial hardship and fears resulting from the rising crime rate. It appears that in light of her psychological condition, the applicant's wife would be at risk of depression if she remained in the United States without the applicant, and this psychological hardship, when combined with the financial hardship of supporting herself and their child without the applicant's income, would amount to hardship to the applicant's wife that is unusual or beyond that which would normally be expected as a result of inadmissibility or removal from the United States." Matter of X-, Nov.27, 2009.

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