Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Government by Waiver - Immigration Edition

 By now it is well known that President Obama's big government model disproportionately relies on "waivers" to exempt certain companies and unions—disproportionately located in friendly political districts—from the generally applicable requirements of Obamacare. Whether or not the president's new "government by waiver" effort is unconstitutional—as law professor Philip Hamburger argues—it certainly is pernicious. As professor Richard Epstein urged in his excellent National Affairs essay, "government by waiver" is "among the most serious challenges to the rule of law in our time."(...)
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Unlawful Presence

This is an important issue and very relevant to people, who have entered the United States unlawfully and later on want to marry a US citizen or gain some kind of other immigration benefit.
What is unlawful presence?(...)
The article is divided in 4 parts. Let's start with part 1